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A Force Group

History of A Force Group Ltd

A Force Group founded in 1985, which is one of the biggest memory module manufacturers based in Hong Kong. A Force has gained valuable experience and wide knowledge in manufacturing, distribution and retail in this ever-changing computer industry in past 20+ years .Our first automatic module factory in Hong Kong was established in 1991. A Force Group becomes the biggest memory module manufacturer and supplier in Hong Kong. From then on, the company's business spreading all over the world, and also has distribution network all through the world. The gross sales volumes in 2000 preponderated over 200 million dollars. A Force has won good reputation in the worldwide market and acquired ISO9001. With the faith: Think Customer-Oriented, Act Professional, Go for New Technology and Development with Continuous Innovation. A Force Group is trying its best to make RamBo® become the famous brand in the world.

Our main products are Memory Module, Solid State Drive, USB Flash Drive and Memory Card etc. They are not only meet all kinds of consumers requirements but also can be used in industry, telecommunication and computer, especially be applicable for mobile phone, PC, notebooks, audio and video equipments such as digital camera, MP3 player, etc. In this lively changeable computer industry, our group will keep on researching and innovating in order to strengthen our competitive power, make all high-tech products meet the market.

As a main supplier in memory market, we have more than 10 product lines and the hourly out put can reach to 2,500 memory modules. Our sophisticated and precise machines, fully automatic SMT lines, comprehensive factory equipment and in-hose inspection as part of QC procedures can insure the quality of product to make it "better than best". We can supply all kinds of service including reliable precept and good distribution services. The monthly product of module can reach to a million. The area of factory building is up to 30,000sq.ft .the product is testing by the machines made in America and Taiwan, which we promise them to be 100% testing and A-grade quality.

A Force Group has its own research and technical center in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And it can supply customers' all-sided service pre-sale, sale, and post –sales. The module we product can fit for various main board, serial computers, computer server and notebook. Different professional worker and spire technique can confirm consumers perfect after service.

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Start business 25th Oct 1985 in a 200 square feet office.
Start exports business.
Start production. First factory to use fully automatic pick & place machine to produce Memory Module in HK. Acquire sole distributorship from INNOVENTION in memory tester.
Acquire Appreciation Honor from NEC.
Start Business with SIEMENS.
Start retail business for professional market – the MUSE Shop, the first shop to specialized in selling proprietary memory module.
Expand operation and move to new office and factory.
Start Business with FUJITSU.Start Business with TOSHIBA.Start Business with IBM.
Start Business with MICRON.
Launch "Ram Bo" brand. Acquire Special Business Award from Hyundai. Hit USD 200M in Sale Volume.
Launch "MUSE DIGITAL" brand.
Start JV in PRC.n Start Hong Kong Channels Market.
Acquire sole distributorship from Premier Digital Camera. Acquire value-added agency of Original Modules (GALAXY) from Infineon in PRC market. Acquire sole distributorship from TOSHIBA for SD product. On 25 Oct expand operation in new office.