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A Force Group

Philosophy -

With a belief of "Challenging beyond conventional thinking, speeding for innovative future", We provides an environment for our people to strike for technology advancement and professionalism in order to satisfy the ever-increasing and ever changing needs of our customers in the memory products market.

Ultimately, We dedicates to provide the highest quality of products and services in order to become and keep on becoming your number one choice of memory module card manufacturer, and even your dearest selected partner.

1. Think Customer Oriented - at your benefit to service you

2. Act Professionally - as the way to deliver high quality product and service and give confidence to you

3.Go for technology and Innovation -as you destination for uniqueness to keep pace with you.

Our company philosophy is "Customer Oriented". In order to meet the increasing needs from customs, we build up own manufacturing plant and opened retail shops. In future, we will continue to provide our best service to cope with your new requirements.

In the dynamic and ever-changing computer industry, only constant innovation, research and development can strengthen the company being able to produce what you need in the hi-tech market. In view of this, we has extended its product line to full range carrying Fast Page mode DRAM/E EDO DRAM / SRAM / SDRAM / RAMBUS / DDR memory modules, Compact Flash Card,Smart Media Card, Multi-media Car and CPU. Also, we carry the product of Memory Testers, the RamCheck / SimCheck, of which we are the sole agent in China and Hong Kong.

In future, challenges will be coming from competition for talents. The accelerating pace of technological change makes us focus on coalescing a consensus among our team members. We always review the latest management prospectus and hence revolutionize our product development and service to serve you. we believe our expertise is crucial asset to us and to you too.

As a major supplier in the market, we have over 10 production lines, which assemble over 2,500 sheets of memory modules per hour. In 1999,our manufacturing plant has cleared the international quality hurdle and was certified by ISO9002.Our precised high technology products are warranted by the closely integrated production quality. To ensure our product quality, the manufacturing process is infused with quality consciousness, as well as the production is geared towards the "Best of the Best."

The current global industrial trend is switching from labor-intensive to capital intensive and further moving to computer-intensive. The future will be a "high knowledge "world led by high technology. With the well-rooted forefront on memory modules, we will continuous budget a substantial fund in testing, manufacturing technology as well as R & D that would reach your need.

With the direct relationship with the technology companies, the Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers, we will deliver the latest version of product and the fresh information to you.

Act On Fact

Full Customer Satisfaction

On Time Delivery

Reliable Processes

Continuous Improvement

Everyone Participation

The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of all individuals in the organization working towards common objectives. It is, therefore, very important that everyone in our company is committed to these objectives to ensure their accomplishment.

Our experts consist of Sales Force, Logistics Force, Manufacturing Force and Purchasing Force, with the workforce of over 100. You can directly access our Forces to support your business.