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About A Force Group

Manufacturing Overview
We started its production operation in 1991 and we are the first company adopting fully automatic SMT machines in memory module production at Hong Kong. We have production plants at Hong Kong and in Southern China occupying total floor space over 45,000 square feet. Our current production capacity reaches 40,000 module pieces daily. To sharpen our edges we have invested in high-speed chip mounter, hot air re-flow soldering system, BGA rework system, video microscope, and x-ray Inspection System will be introduced to increase our productivities and enhance our product quality. We adopts strictly quality control in product and has been awarded ISO9001 certificate. Our produces different serious of memory products including SSD, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, SODIMM, USD flash disks, and memory cards. To comply with environmental protection regulations We have introduced lead-free production process. We also make use environmental friendly and recycle materials on product packaging.

Sales Overview
From 1985, we have established itself as one of the prime memory product supplier in the region. In 2004 we have achieved sales turn over at USD 128 millions and 3 million modules were sold. Our products have been sold to over 20,000 customers across the world. To extend our business coverage, we will engage into new business streams of e-business and online sales. We are extending our business footprints to new territories such as Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Mid-East.. We aim to increase our turnover by 20% to USD 153 millions this year. To provide our customers with trouble free turnkey solution we offer comprehensive value-added services to our customers such as selection of IC brands, OEM or tailor made packing design, selection of shipment methods, 21 days turn around time RMA service, hotline and on-line customer support.

Distribution Overview
On top of manufacturing and product sales operation we also engages in consumer electronics distribution business. Currently we are the sole agent of Toshiba memory card, Premier digital camera, Infineon Galaxy memory module, M-System flash drive, and RAM Check module testing system. At Hong Kong, to reach our customers we are running two Digital Shops at Shamshuipo and Wanchai. With our professionals in distribution operation and channel business development we have help these brands establish significant market shares and distribution network. We will continue to add new consumer electronics to enrich your digital life.